Bandsintown Snatches Facebook’s Genius Mind Valentine Aseyo

Bandsintown Snatches Facebook’s Genius Mind Valentine Aseyo

Bandsintown Snatches Facebook’s Genius Mind Valentine Aseyo

Some radical changes are about to happen in the music tech industry as Bandsintown adds Valentine Aseyo to their team as the SVP of Product. Valentine is expected to revolutionize how technology interacts with music and change the way live music events are discovered and sold.

Valentine has a stellar track record of success throughout his 8-year employment at Facebook in 4 different offices: Ireland (Dublin), India (Hyderabad), United States (New York & Austin) –spanning many leading roles from User Experience to Advertising Products, to Marketing & Sales. His impressive and varied resume has made Valentine one of the most sought after international Tech expert and innovator in our field. Prior to that, he worked at IBM and Colgate & Palmolive. Valentine is a guru in social media, internet, technology, and online advertising.

With a reach of 130M Monthly Active fans globally, 40M registered concert goers and 450k touring artists registered to the platform, Bandsintown offers digital marketing solutions to engage with the most passionate music fans.

The popular app was started by music lovers who were frustrated with the absence of a platform that could connect them with live music events in their community. Since then, Bandsintown has been an amazing contribution to the tech and music world with its groundbreaking machine learning and personalized recommendations engine. Crunching millions of data points every day, the app is a wealth of resources for fans and musicians alike.

With the addition of Valentine leading the product teams, Bandsintown is stronger than ever. Valentine offers a very unique background which is rare in this fast-evolving industry. His international experience will be key to expand Bandsintown to Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa regions. Bandsintown says he is tasked with converting the utility app into a social platform where artists and fans connect. Valentine is definitely the perfect fit to achieve this goal.

We wish Valentine the best of luck in his new role and we can’t wait to see all the innovation he will bring in future.

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